Thursday, March 27, 2014

3 weeks with my Bullet Journal

Ok so, if you read this past post, I discovered Bullet Journaling about 3 weeks ago. Here are the pages I have so far in a nutshell:

Verdict? I love it! Not only is it compact and portable, but I feel like it is really flexible in where I can always add things/ideas/lists without messing up my day to day tasks and journaling.

Some things I do that may be different from how others utilize their bullet journal is that I write down my expenses in red, so I can see at a glance how much I spent on a day/event. (i.e. In my task list I would put- Got gas / $60)

Here are a couple of pages aside from my day to day task lists:

As you can see, what you can do with your bullet journal is only limited by your imagination. I use it to sketch, to note down blog ideas/posts, plan for my son's 1st birthday, all on top of noting what events happen and tasks I need to do day to day. I know it's not as decorated as a filofax-type of planner, but as for now I have so many other crafty things that take up my time (quilting / watercolor / pen pals / project life) that I actually like the simplicity and flexibility of my bullet journal. Looks like I'll be using this system for awhile longer! Hope I inspired you to think about taking up bullet journaling! :)

You can check out my past post about bullet journaling here!


  1. How do you like it now that it's been a while? Do you make any other changes to the system? I"ve been working out of the smaller moleskine as well, because it's what I already had. I'm finding that the system is not great in terms of calendaring.. I'm still using my Filo to keep track of future appointments and things.. but I don't want to use two things! Would love an update on how that's working for you :)

    1. Hi Amanda - glad you picked up bullet journaling also! I totally know what you mean about using multiple things to keep track of stuff, it makes it hard! I actually have some pages reserved in the back for "future dates and appointments", so I can refer to those pages whenever I start a new month and add those dates in. Also, I've seen many people draw or print and paste in their own 12 month calendar in the beginning of their journal since they like seeing a monthly overall view of things and into the future. Hope that helps! :)

  2. @amanda Same as you, I feel a need for a full blown calendar. I'm flirting with the Bullet Journal, but not fully committed because of that. @JD Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have been using the 'Uncalendar' for the last couple years, it has calendars, etc but plenty of options to make a system that works for you.

  4. I use the hardcover quadrille moleskine, and I too add a monthly view section in the front. That adequately takes care of future dates and big picture planning for me. I just draw out the boxes by hand. It doesn't really take that long. The flexibility from day to day makes it a winner for me.

  5. I've been wndering, what do the two check boxes represent (labeled "w" and "p") on your page that's written in green?

  6. I've been wndering, what do the two check boxes represent (labeled "w" and "p") on your page that's written in green?

  7. I also have a front section (1/2 page per month) reserved at start for those items that are date related (functions; birthdays etc.) For non-date based tasks, there is The Master List (items get moved from there over time into the list for a given month).

  8. HI, Thank you for this post. Great ideas! This year for the first time I took Lent and Advent really seriously...I can't see or fully understand how you organized your Lent....can you explain? Looks like a great way to do it.

  9. Several asked about W and P. Are they "written" and "proofread"?